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sexstuff.orgThe name of the title says it all. Sex is probably the most searched item on the internet. Everyone loves sex,and sex related items. Just look at the top websites on the internet. For every site like Youtube,Google and Yahoo you will find sex related sites like X tube,X videos,Fling,and Adult Friend Finder just to name a few. These type of sites are revenue generating machines. You may have heard of some sites that generate 100 millions in revenue each year and this is true but it is also hundreds if not thousands making millions,as well as healthy six figures a year.

As you can imagine all the “good domain names” related to sex are long gone,and finding one is super tough if not impossible. Fortunately for you,you have found this page,and a great opportunity to get one of the last true premium domain names in this field.

Sex is that domain and it embodies sex and everything related to it. Actually if you think about it,this domain may be the most versatile domain in the sex industry. Why you ask? Simple, with this domain you can go in any direction with it. You can promote videos,sex products,dating,advice,guides you name it. This domain has no limits,and in a super niche like sex you can definitely develop it continuously until you are at the level of income that is acceptable.

So many ways to monetize this domain/website but here are a few that will work fine as of now:

-Affiliate Programs (There are many companies that sell sex related products,and usually pay 6 to 12% per sale)

-Article Marketing

-Video Marketing

-Advertising Space to sex dealers

-You are a sex dealer or are in the sex industry



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